11 Ways to Have SEO Success With Google in 2022

11 Ways to Have SEO Success With Google in 2022

When it comes to SEO, even our SEO experts in Delhi at Tekosep get confused. And why not? Google keeps on changing its algorithm every now and then. When you think you finally know the strategies to beat the existing algorithm, something else comes up again. Now, you must be wondering, then how can we have SEO success with Google in 2022?

seo success with google

Well, that’s why Tekosep is there to help you out. You need to know that Google will never stop updating and altering its SEO algorithms. Hence, we need to keep on improvising the strategies. And you need to keep on experimenting to know which one suits you best for your business. Eventually, breaking all the barriers and ranking at the top. Today, Tekosep will discuss the 11 magical ways to have SEO success with Google in 2022.

How to have SEO Success with Google in 2022?

1. Content Management System (CMS): Whether you choose to create a blog as a company or as a pastime, you’ll require a Content Management System (CMS). CMS is an internet platform that allows you to produce and administer content on the web, as the name implies.

It’s not like all CMSs, though, are created equally. When deciding on a site and hoping to get seen on Google, it’s critical to select CSM that is Search engine friendly.

Content Management System

When it comes to CMS, Tekosep recommends WordPress as the best beginner platform. Why so? Because not only it is free but also gives a wide range of designs templates for your website. To improve SEO ranking, WordPress interacts well enough with blog SEO extensions such as Yoast, Google XML Sitemaps, and Monster Insight’s Google Analytics.

2. Longer/Lengthy Keywords: Lengthy keywords are more precise and lengthier than target search terms. They often have less search traffic than shorter terms, yet they may be quite valuable. Long-tail words reveal why individuals do a specific search rather than just what it is they are searching for. They also already contribute to more search traffic than shorter terms.


Lengthy keywords are higher in search focus, which is one grounds to pursue them. As they’re more particular, you may filter down the terms to all those that are closely connected to the activities you wish people to perform on your website.


3. Website loading speed: When a website takes more than 3 seconds to load, the site loses on most of its potential visitors.

speed of a site

The speed of a website is critical. It is so significant that Google has lately included it as a ranking factor. Low website performance frequently results in a greater percentage of people who approach the site and depart instantly rather than sticking to browse additional pages within that site.

Higher bounce rate is scooped up by search results, lowering crawl rate and destroying your blog SEO strategy.

4. Images in Alt Texts: Alt text, often known as alternative text, is a brief explanation of a picture. It is still a significant Google ranking element, with a more than 20% impact on results.

ALT Attribute

Alt-text is read aloud to visually impaired individuals through the use of a computer program. However, 55% of e-commerce websites fail to complete basic usability criteria. When a picture fails to download on a site, the alt text shows as a substitute to offer context to visitors.

Alt-text is used by search engine crawlers to assist them in correctly indexing a picture. In 2022, Google affirmed that alt text is still vital for SEO.

5.  SEO Mobile-friendly: Mobile search is now the OG search for most internet users. In reality, mobile SEO is the foundation of Google crawling. As of now, mobile phones account for more than 70% of digital media consumption, and 67 percent of customers purchase from a mobile-friendly website. As a result, we recommend that you make your website mobile-friendly.

mobile Friendly

Google now prioritizes mobile search terms using the mobile-first index. Appealing and easy designs for mobile-friendly websites are the finest. They make your site accessible from any gadget.

6.  Keywords in Headlines: Once you include keywords in your headings, you are signalling to search results and people that your material meets the purpose behind the search queries. Keywords added in headers can give information to search engine algorithms in the same way that a contents page does for people.

While 36% of SEO professionals believe headlines are crucial, this does not imply that keywords should be forced to suit if they do not sound right.

SEO headlines

Before determining where to insert your target keywords or other variants, evaluate the customer experience and Google suggestions. Filling excessive keywords must be avoided if possible.

7. XML Sitemap: An XML sitemap includes all of your website’s key pages. A solid XML sitemap functions as a guide for your website. It directs Google to all of the relevant pages.


It is important to prevent the following happening while uploading XML sitemaps:

  • Pages that aren’t canon.
  • Pages that are duplicates.
  • Pages with pagination.
  • Pages of site search engine results.
  • URL Archive Pages Reply through remarks.
  • Robots have banned some pages.
  • Pages that do not have index Service pages such as about us, privacy policies, and login sites.


8. User Experience (UX): When indexing your website, Google considers a variety of variables, one of which is the amount of time on the webpage. If consumers leave your website under seconds of visiting, Google knows it’s not the material their user is looking for.


The time it takes for a page load is one factor that influences dwell duration and bounces percentages. Google has made user experience such a key ranking element that they began putting out its main Page Experience improvement in 2022.

9. Detailed Content: Long-form content is defined as material that is longer than 1500 words. It’s the most popular sort of article that can help you score well in search engines. The importance of detailed and long content:

  • It boosts your web visibility.
  • Aids in the development of credibility as an expert in the field.
  • Allows for maximum easy sharing.
  • It serves as a hotspot for backlinks.
  • detailed content

While long-form content may help you rank higher, quality is everything. Making relevant, in-depth information can help you rank higher.


10. Various Media Forms: Media can also comprise audio files, movies, ebooks, and GIFs in addition to photographs. These media kinds are intended to be interacted with, increasing dwell time on the site and also user experience.

various medai forms

Videos have surpassed blogs as the most popular type of media in most content marketing strategies. 86 percent of enterprises utilize advertising to develop their business, while 84 percent of customers report that seeing a brand’s video influenced them to purchase a product or service.

Audio is also growing in popularity, with the average customer spending a lot of time hearing. Sixty-one percent of firms want to boost their digital audio advertising costs as well.

11. Internal links: Tekosep has always emphasized the importance of internal links. But why should you use internal links?

internal links

  • It allows people to browse across a website.
  • It defined the arrangement of information on the web.
  • Propagates the power of link ranking all through the webpage.

Employ keyword-rich anchor text in your links, but avoid linking to sites with similar anchor text because Google believes them to be about the same thing. Use other descriptive anchor text alternatively.

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