Happy Lohri Wishes 2022  – Best Lohri Wishes for Friends and Family

Happy Lohri Wishes 2022 – Best Lohri Wishes for Friends and Family

Can’t believe the happiest time of the year has already arrived. Lohri might be a festival celebrated by the people of Punjab, but the happiness and joy spread all over the country.

But during such a tough time, it becomes difficult to travel and meet your loved ones. Even if you manage to do so, you ought to prioritize keeping yourself safe. That’s why sending some sweet Happy Lohri Wishes in 2022 won’t take much time, and you can still share your love and affection with others.

Tekosep wishes you Happy Lohri 2022 and the best health this season.

Happy Lohri Wishes 2022 for Friends and Family Lohri Wishes for Whatsapp, SMS, Facebook

  1. May the beauty of Lohri festivals fill your home with happiness and good health.
  2. As the fire of Lohri flourishes, let us hope that all our sorrows end with it. Let the glory of the festival fill our lives with happiness. Wishing Happy Lohri to you all.
  3. Sending my warm wishes for an auspicious Lohri! May the day bring you good fortune and success today and forever. Happy Lohri, 2022.
  4. Wishing this harvest season of Lohri brings joy and prosperity to you and your family.
Happy lohri

5. May all the stress and pressure in your life burn and gets the success you deserve. Heartfelt wishes to you and you’re beloved.

6. I pray that God’s abundant blessings fill your life with happiness and pleasant surprises this Lohri and always. We wish you all a Happy Lohri, 2022.

7. You stay in my heart and that’s why I get the strength to bear all the sorrows. That’s why wishing you early Happy Lohri.

8. The time for Bhangra has come. That’s why wishing you Happy Lohri to you all.


9. May the light of Lohri fire fill your life with contentment and your heart gets stronger each day.

10. Let’s come together by heart with this Lohri. Let the fire burn all the distance between us and make our bonds stronger. Happy Lohri, 2022.

11. In the shiver of winter, let the sweet jaggery bring warmth to your home. Happy Lohri to everyone.

12. Peanuts, sesame, and jaggery bring happiness to your life. May the light of Lohri illuminate your year and after.


12. As the fire of Lohri intensifies, let our sufferings end as well. May the radiance of Lohri illuminate your life. Happy Lohri, 2022.

13. The day of pouring bhangra returned again when all the people come to celebrate around the fountain of fire. I Wishing You And Your Family A Very Happy Lohri 2022.

15. Before it is the evening of the Lohri. May my problem be as common as others, and all the mobile networks get jammed. Wishing you a very Happy Lohri, 2022.


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