How to Rank your website on Google in 2022?

How to Rank your website on Google in 2022?

In the era of business digitization, it becomes crucial to make your website rank on Google in 2022. And the best way to do so is by Search Engine Optimisation, popularly known as SEO. But how to rank a website on Google using SEO? Tekosep has got the answer for you.

SEO has further subdivisions that help the process, bringing in as many as visitors possible. Tekosep’s SEO experts in Delhi aid your page to understand its requirements and what more can be added to make it more useful for the users. Hence, effective optimization is the need of the hour. We are here to share some important tips on how to rank your website on Google.

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1. Use Catchy Title Tags: Okay, think about yourself. Whenever you browse Google, you always go for the interesting headline, right? Such headings instil a distinctive curiosity within you and you eventually contribute to their traffic. This is the very first step of how to rank a website on Google. Know which keyword has been searched the most and accordingly craft your title tags. Inappropriate tags could result in the opposite.

2. Relevant and trending topics: You know people will visit your page when you are writing about a trending topic. And it can be of anything: about seasonal care, or new fashion line, or any recent global news. The second crucial step of how to rank a website on Google is an engaging introductory paragraph. Once you catch hold of the visitors’ attention, you are bound to get more traffic. Don’t forget to use simple language for an easy read.

3. Proper Keywords: For every credible information on your site, focus on targeting a single primary keyword. Consider how your visitor may use search phrases to find that precise article. Tekosep’s SEO agency in Rohini helps you do that. We find the relevant keywords related to your business after analyzing the internet users’ searched keyword phrases. And don’t only use one keyword. Use keyword generators like Ubersuggest or Semrush to check the search density and difficulty. That’s how you will know which ones to include in your article.

4. Insert Inbound Links: One of the most favoured steps for how to rank a website on Google: inserting links for other pages. Inbound links are also known as backlinks. Put in other sites’ links as much as possible, preferably for payments, video tutorials, examples, or blogs. Make sure to put in authentic links from high-end sites so that your visitors can have trust in the reliability of the content.

5. Make Sure About Working Links: Talking about inbound links, make sure the links you insert are working and not broken. For instance, in cases of e-commerce websites. A visitor might actually be interested to purchase an item from your online store. But the payment link is unfortunately not working. What’s the worse possible case? Your potential customer will leave the site and choose some other online store. Quality links are one of the finest methods to increase sales and build your site’s credibility, but hyperlinks that result in a 404 error are bad for traffic growth and user experience. In case, you are having difficulty then Tekosep’s SEO experts in Rohini are there to ease things out.


6. Image Optimisation: Yes, this is ultimately a thing for how to rank website on Google.  Optimization of photos or images is essential for increasing your site’s performance and to make it simpler for Google SEO to recognize the graphics on your websites. Make the images compressed with proper descriptive alternate text.

7. Put for Google’s Local Business: Most of the customers search for the local businesses by typing the two words, “near me”. But how will they know that you are actually near them? By putting up your business on Google Local. Register a Google My Business profile, create relevant information in Google Posts, have your service included in local, online business directories, and boost your internet presence with outstanding customer reviews.

8. Use Index Format: One of the best ways of how to rank a website on Google. If you jot down the content of your site under the index category, visitors will find it easier to search for their information. Don’t forget to link the sub-parts for better navigation.

9. Meta Description: Meta Description is nothing but the mini textual description of the content under the URL or Link under a Google Search. Consider it your website’s front showcase short and engaging representation of what’s inside with the purpose of getting visitors to come in. An excellent meta description usually consists of two whole phrases. Make sure the meta description has the targeted keyword.

10.   Alt Texts for Images and Videos: As mentioned above, don’t forget to use alt tags or alternate textual descriptions for the images or videos on your web pages. They make it possible for browsers to find your site, which is critical for folks who have activated text-only content.


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