Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools in 2022

Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools in 2022

Digital Marketing has been growing every day ever since its genesis. Every now and then new tools are coming to the surface to make lives easier.

Tekosep, as a digital marketing agency in Delhi strives on these changing dynamics. We love to experiment with different tools till they suit the requirements of the clients.

Being in 2022, it is impossible to imagine a business running without digital marketing. Even small roadside tea stalls have their businesses registered online. And we don’t think it is possible to survive amid such a bombastic digitization period.

Digital Marketing tools

As we said, every now and then new digital marketing tools are coming up. But would you know which one will be suitable for the kind of business you are running? On top of that, how many bucks do you need to invest?

That’s why Tekosep brings you the best list of digital marketing tools in 2022. Our digital marketing experts in Delhi approve and use the mentioned tools on a daily basis. So much so that we can’t imagine doing our tasks without them.

Best Digital Marketing Tools for SEO in 2022

1. Ahrefs: Ahrefs is among the most highly regarded SEO toolkits. When it concerns the major website crawler, it is only next to Google.

ahrefs webmaster tools

The tool identifies which portions of your site ought to be improved in order to rank higher in search results. In terms of market research, you’ll most likely utilize Ahrefs to discover your rival’s backlinks. You may use this SEO tool to locate the most connected material in your field, verify and repair broken backlinks on your site, and obtain a summary of your top-performing pages.

2. Google Search Console: Google Search Console allows you to track and reflect on your website’s visibility in Google SERPs. All you have to do is authenticate your domain by putting a tag to it or by using Google Analytics, and then you can upload your sitemap for search.

Google search console

Though you would not need a Search Console profile to show in Google’s search results, you may use this account to manage what is stored and how your site is shown. Search Console, as an SEO analyzer tool, can assist you to grasp how Google and its customers perceive your website, allowing you to improve for higher results in Search engine results.

3. SEMRush: Branding SEO tools like SEMRush are popular in the SEO community. Professionals like how they make it simple to analyze your ranks and detect updates and improvements in ranking chances.


The Domain Vs Domain comparison, which enables you to instantly analyze your site to your competitors, is among the most generally strong of this SEO tool. You’ll be able to correlate terms and subdomains if you’re seeking analytical insights to assist you to try and understand your website in the search data, visitors, or even competition. The On-Page SEO Checker software allows us to easily track your results and get tips on how to enhance the website’s performance.

4.Ubersuggest: Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest is a freemium keyword-finding tool that allows you to discover phrases as well as the searching purpose driving them by displaying the top-ranked SERPs. With dozens of ideas from our free fantastic keyword planner, you can identify the ideal terms to employ on your site, from short-term to long phrases.


Ubersuggest’s statistics contain metrics such as keyword traffic, competitiveness, CPC, and seasonal changes. This instrument, which is useful for both organic Search and paid PPC, can help you decide whether a keyword is worth pursuing and how difficult it is.

Best Digital Marketing Tools for Social Media Marketing in 2022

1. Biteable: Generating social media material is an important component of digital marketing.  On Twitter, visual material receives three times the attention of plain text, so strong visual content may allow you to take it to the next step. You can simply make intriguing, amusing, and educational short movies to post on social media with Biteable.


Biteable, which offers a plethora of free streaming themes, video, audio, and animated sequences, is a lifesaver for anybody looking to rapidly-produce studio-quality content without the need for precious assets such as film or audio recording devices.

2. Hootsuite: Hootsuite manages several social media profiles, combining them under one account into a unified platform, and you may sign up for free.


Hootsuite, among the most major social media management solutions, provides for effective teamwork as well as an approval procedure. Aside from the obvious added bonus of being able to see all of your remarks and recommendations in one spot, you can also assign the task, create a social media schedule, and schedule changes.

Hootsuite Podium offers free social networking programs to help you improve your social marketing abilities and understand the principles of social media marketing.

3. Buffer: Buffer is a user-friendly, simplified digital marketing software that small companies and individuals rely on to create meaningful interaction and outcomes on social media.


We offer a product package for publication, interaction, analytics, easy landing pages, and teamwork. Our tools are thoughtfully designed and fine-tuned to assist online marketers and groups perform more smoothly and profitably.

4. Agora Pulse: Agora Pulse, like the other digital marketing solutions discussed above, is an all-in-one social network with planning, reacting, and reporting functions.

Agora Pulse:

Unlike all the others, Agora Pulse offers various unique capabilities, such as market research and Facebook competition applications, for a relatively low cost.

Best Digital Marketing Tools for Content Marketing in 2022

1.WordPress: The best tool for blogging or uploading editorial content for Content Marketing. The configurable themes are simple to use, allowing the public to rapidly establish a site. It also interfaces with a variety of plug-ins to help you take your project to the next degree.

word press

WordPress, at its heart, is an accessible CMS that enables you to manage and develop web pages. You may self-host or use to maintain your site. WordPress has a plugin structure and a template system, allowing you to tailor any site to your company, journal, gallery, or e-commerce.

2. Grammarly: Grammarly operates in a variety of communication platforms, including emails, presentations, and social networking sites.


This tool or extension corrects your grammar and improves sentence structures for a compact write-up. Their browser plugin is compatible with Chrome, Safari, and Firefox and provides a basic free punctuation and grammar program.

3. Yoast: It’s a WordPress SEO tool that helps with very much like everything, such as optimizing text for a term, evaluating and updating meta-descriptions and URL slugs, extracting away Search Engine Optimisation responsibilities, and proposing relevant inbound links. The straightforward yellow, red, and green indications make this easy to determine if you’ve optimized your website appropriately or what needs work.

yoast seo

4. Trello: Trello is one of the best digital marketing tools out there when it comes to planning and organizing your running projects. Tekosep as the best digital marketing agency in Delhi needs to manage a lot of clients at the same time with different marketing needs. That’s when Trello comes in handy to know what’s pending, what’s being worked on, and what has been completed.


Trello is a basic managing projects application which can be used for a variety of tasks. Indeed, Tekosep has used it for a variety of purposes, including development initiatives, sales pages, and product development frameworks.

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