New Instagram Feature 2022, Updated Content Management Tools Introduced

New Instagram Feature 2022, Updated Content Management Tools Introduced

Instagram has introduced several new improvements for Safer Internet Day, such as the launch of the new ‘Your Activity’ tab, which allows for enhanced control over the content in the app, as well as extended accessibility to its Security Check-up tool, which may assist users to enhance their performance.

To begin with, Your Activity – following weeks of trials, Instagram is finally rolling out its revamped activities widget to all consumers, which features a new mass delete button, making it possible to control your shown material. The brand new Your Activity section gives you a comprehensive perspective of your IG engagement, such as time being spent on the platform, contacts with users, discoveries you’ve made, and the material you’ve published over the period.

Activity tab

One can quickly customize what others may have seen on your Instagram account from here by eliminating specific posts and videos using an easy check method. One can also store items that you want to save but don’t want to see on your account. It’s a terrific method to remain in front of your Instagram material and instantly delete posts you don’t want to be associated with the account, while also providing a more comprehensive picture of your changes over a period, allowing for better administration.

Talking about security algorithms, Instagram has stated, “Security Checkup walks users through the procedures necessary to safeguard their accounts, such as verifying login activity, evaluating profile information, validating accounts that share login information, and upgrading password reset contact details such as a phone number or email address.”

The additional Security Check-Up UI, which was initially released last July for customers whose profiles had been attacked, will be given access to all people, giving better security settings and assistance in the application. As an extra security measure, some individuals in select regions will then have the opportunity to implement two-factor verification via WhatsApp, giving yet another enhanced security option for your profile.

security checkup

Lastly, Instagram is developing a new approach that will allow users to question their contacts to verify their identity on the platform in order to re-gain login to their restricted profiles.

Users will be asked to input prior credentials they’ve used to log in to their profile, which will assist avoid problems with forgotten or altered credentials. Users will then be told to notify two different contacts within the app to authenticate their identification. If those contacts verify that it is, in indeed, your profile within 24 hours, you will be requested to open up a new password to get admission.

It might be a straightforward method of assisting users in regaining access to profiles, with the showed improvement that the only way of securing access is through individuals you currently recognize and are associated with.


Privacy and safety are critical emphasis aspects for social applications, and Instagram’s capabilities keep improving and give additional choices for customers looking to maximize their in-app journey. The other log-in trial is also intriguing — it’s still in the early stages, but it might give an additional avenue for Instagram to assist users to obtain access to their blocked profiles, which has been a huge source of frustration for so many.

‘Take a Break’ Feature by Instagram in India

Instagram has launched the debut of ‘Take a Break’ in all nations, particularly India, before Safer Internet Day 2022, to allow people to make intelligent choices about how they spend their free time.

Take a Break will notify Instagram users who are browsing to take pauses from the site and move on to other things. A message will also be sent to users informing them of the new addition. Visitors will also be provided “expert-backed suggestions to help them contemplate and refresh,” according to the company. Customers will, nevertheless, be able to choose whether or not to get these timely messages.

take break

“The well-being of youngsters is essential to us, and we’re focused on maintaining that spending time on Instagram is deliberate and people feel positive about it,” said Natasha Jog, Public Policy Manager, Instagram, Facebook India. “In this backdrop, we’ve developed ‘Take a Break,’ to dramatically enhance the Instagram experience for students, people, parents, and elders.  We want to extend our efforts to make Instagram a safe and welcoming platform for young users to discover their interests and discover community,” she says.

Instagram partnered with ‘We The Young’ to introduce the functionality to India through the ‘Break Zaroori hai’ promotion. The ad will run for a while and will showcase scenarios in which young people might benefit from this tool.

‘We The Young’ will collaborate with producers, mental health practitioners, and other interested parties to create multiple languages information that will highlight the importance of making rational choices about the hours spent on the app, as well as notify consumers on how to integrate the ‘Take A Break’ feature into their social networking regimen.

The system automatically conceals remarks and messages from individuals who don’t know you or have only barely started following you. Restrictions will enable you to receive more from your long-term friends while restricting interaction from those who may simply be visiting your profile to attack you. You may quickly enable this option by heading to your privacy controls.


This tool filters out any objectionable terms/expressions, as well as harassing remarks. You may even make your own list of phrases or emoticons that you don’t want to like in the commenting area. You may activate this by heading to the Comment Settings tab and selecting “Filters.”

You may use Instagram’s Hidden Words function to screen out any undesired, spam, or rude DM requests. It also places obscene words, expressions, and emoticons in a secret folder. Instagram restricts the appearance of some posts that have been marked by the public for having vulnerable information in an effort to reduce hateful speech, harassment, and dangerous content on the site.

When you activate the Restrict function, responses on your posts from people you’ve limited will only be accessible to them. You will not get alerts for remarks made by a restricted profile.

Because like counts may be a source of frustration for some, Instagram has got the ability to conceal like numbers on all photos in your feed, which you can do by accessing the new Posts area in Settings. You’ll also be able to conceal like numbers on your own postings, so others won’t be able to see how many people like your posts.


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