Snapchat Daily Users Hikes Up To 319 Million

Snapchat Daily Users Hikes Up To 319 Million

Snap’s stock soared over 60% in after-hours trade after the firm reported its first-ever net income and gained more Snapchat subscribers than projected. For the final quarter of 2021, the firm claimed an average of 319 million daily active users, up from 306 million in the third quarter. Snap also beat profit expectations, albeit they were cut when the company warned of a sales downturn in the fourth quarter.

Snap’s income climbed 42 percent to $1.30 billion in the quarter, and it was the business’s first quarter of net positive profitability as a listed corporation, with an end result of $22.6 million, equivalent to calculated profits per share of 22 cents. In the fourth quarter of 2021, adjusted profits without interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization increased by 97 percent to $327 million.

Snap’s entire viewership has grown by 20% annualized, with the ‘Rest of the World’ sector seeing the sharpest increase of ten million people. As connection in the area improves, Snapchat has witnessed particularly strong development in India, which might prove to be a significant win for the application.

Snap shares rose 59 percent after aftermarket closing as a result of the positive earnings announcement, following a wild day for shareholders who saw the company plummet about 24 percent in active trading, pulled down by Meta’s unprecedented loss Thursday. Snap’s share is still considerably behind its 52-week high of $83.34 despite the after-hours rise to $39 per share.

TikTok previously had over 200 million Indian subscribers before being prohibited in June 2020 because of a border issue. Perhaps now, Snap is assuming that role, including its own, TikTok-like ‘Spotlight’ function joining the ranks, Snap’s viewership in the area will continue to grow, helping to enhance the company’s total audience counts.

In this way, Spotlight serves not just as a TikTok competitor inside the app, but also as a way to advertise Snap’s other services, which is a significant gain in terms of increasing in-app engagement.

In presenting profits, CEO Evan Spiegel remarked, “2021 was an amazing year for Snap, and we made substantial progress building our company and servicing our larger community.  “Due to the obvious success of our main business, we’ve been able to speed up our efforts in augmented reality, completely changing how the Snapchat community interacts with the globe through our camera.”

Snap’s chief business officer, Jeremi Gorman, stated at the earnings conference that the firm “kept working through obstacles created by Apple’s ATT-related adjustments and we are making great progress.” She was referencing Apple’s privacy enhancements in iOS 14.5, which wreaked havoc on Snap’s operations in the third quarter of 2021.

Although Snap’s revenue per user statistics in the ‘Rest of the World’ segment only increased significantly over the prior Q4 figures, the company is still boosting its revenues intake at pace with subscriber growth.


These are encouraging signs for Snap’s continuous commercial development and expansion into new markets. Again, you’d want to see Snap’s ‘Rest of the World’ ARPU actually rise than this, but as the company keeps adding members, the reality that this expansion isn’t eroding its figures signals increased ad interest.

“Our community’s growth increased in 2021, with full-year average DAU growing 22% year over year compared to 19% in 2020,” stated Derek Andersen, Snap’s Chief Financial Officer. “Revenue increased by 64% year over year to $4.1 billion in 2021, the fastest rate of yearly growth we’ve seen as a public firm. With a two-year top line CAGR of 55 percent, our revenue has more than quadrupled since 2019.”

Snapchat was once chastised for failing to invest in business prospects and even trying to dismiss growth prospects under certain markets due to a significant lack of appreciation. However, Snapchat has grown and developed significantly, and its methods and systems are now more evidently affiliated with creating a sustainable business strategy, which provides the opportunity for both user engagement and a marketing approach.

Snap recently stated fresh content agreements with Disney, Viacom, and NBCUniversal, demonstrating publishers’ continued interest in Discover as a way to interact with younger consumers.

So far, this looks to be yielding positive results, and if Snap can maintain to capitalize on this activity while also catering to user demand and enthusiasm, this will remain a major growth route for the app.


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