What is Meme Marketing? New Kind of Digital Marketing

What is Meme Marketing? New Kind of Digital Marketing

Who knew that memes would take over the realm of marketing? Well, yes. Memes have become the new way of marketing your brand, and digital marketing experts call it Meme Marketing.

If you check out Zomato, Netflix India, Prime Video India, or Durex India’s social media pages, you would know what we are exactly talking about.

In fact, TekoSep’s Digital marketing experts in Delhi are loving this ever-emerging tool. And we can’t stop experimenting with it. That’s why decided to discuss what exactly is meme marketing and why is it taking over social media.

What is Meme Marketing?

Meme marketing is a subcategory of viral marketing, which is the technique of achieving marketing objectives through outlets like memes or clever jokes. It is one of the easiest ways to make your brand image viral.

The process includes employing social media marketers to advertise a company or product by providing sarcastic snippets or satirical materials that are interesting, entertaining and spreads quickly.

Right now, Netflix, Durex, and Zomato are leading meme marketing games in India. But why are they trending so much? Simple. Relatability. More it’s known to the public but makes them feel welcome and of course, laugh.


vicky and katrina

Memes are indeed a chance for marketers to communicate with their community during such a time where we would not want to see solely sponsored material on our page

Why do you need Meme Marketing as a way of Digital Marketing?

Have you ever checked the number of followers the meme pages have? They are like millions. In fact, if you ever go through Zomato’s Instagram page, you would see how they have marketed their brand offers subtly with memes. It’s not necessary that they should always be in the image format.


Tekosep’s Digital marketing agency in Delhi loves playing with sly words and of course, making funny videos.

tekosep video

That’s why we are telling you why you need meme marketing for your brand.

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●Build Brand Awareness: Memes, like any other social media approach, must represent your company’s founding principles and objectives to be effective. Customize your memes to convey information that is appropriate for your intended demography. In case, you are having tough times figuring out the audience stat, Tekosep is there for you.

● Relatability: We can’t stress enough this, but the relatability of your memes is a must. The content you choose should represent a widely shared joke or a very relevant circumstance.  If your potential consumers are unable to connect to the backdrop, they will not interact with your business, and your image may suffer as a result. As a digital marketing agency in Rohini, our tug-of-war with clients is endless. What’s better than this template to highlight our every conversation with clients?

social soach

●Put in the trends: One of the most important parts of meme marketing is to keep up with the trends. Personalize your content as much as possible and don’t forget the puns. You can also collab meme marketing with that email marketing, and send your customers some quirky texts. We think reels are the best way to put in the trends, and using the top pieces of music will provide better results.

reels video

● Make it as original as you can: Rather than just repurposing a famous meme, incorporate your company’s motto, goal, or take into consideration the service values into the wording for a unique touch. This not only adds to the chuckles, but it also helps your company stand out.

seo memes



Best Meme Marketing Examples:

Tekosep’s can’t get enough out of Meme Marketing. That’s why we have chosen the top favourite memes by various brands that we absolutely loved.

Digital marketing meme
Things to keep in mind while doing Meme Marketing:

There are many that need to be maintained while performing meme marketing. We at Tekosep maintain the integrity of social media and keep our humour to the ground level

●Keep in mind the brand name: You need to make absolutely sure your humor is real to your business, just like any other marketing technique. The problem is that not every popular meme will be appropriate for your company. Choose carefully which memes you generate as well as which ideas you discard.

●Don’t hurt the sentiments: Tekosep aims to keep social media a safe place. That’s why we are very careful with meme marketing. We never want to hurt the sentiments of internet users or our customers. Get your content checked by others before posting.

● Follow meme guidelines: Your memes should convey the brand message. Hence, use clear texts, keeping them short and subtle.

● Don’t let go of the trends: Keeping up with the trends is the best way to make the posts viral. Hence, use the opportunity and hit the striker. Since, after that, the users won’t have any interest left to share them. Use meme marketing wherever it seems for your company. It’s a straightforward and efficient approach to engaging your customers while sharing your brand stories.


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